St benedict charm bracelet copper

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St benedict charm bracelet copper


Gold plated charms

St Benedict

St jude

Four way medal cruciform cross

Angel wings



Volcanic Electroplated beads in copper ten millimeters 

Average size 7.5"

Message for a custom size 


ST BENEDICT medal is considered effective in:

  1. asking for inner peace/spiritual healing;
  2. asking peace between individuals or between nations of the world;
  3. curing bodily afflictions especially as protection against contagious diseases;
  4. destroying the effects of witchcraft and all other diabolical and haunting influences;
  5. healing those who are suffering from wounds or illness;
  6. obtaining the conversion of sinners, especially when they are in danger of death;
  7. offering protection against storms and lightning;
  8. protecting children from nightmares;
  9. protecting a mother and her children during childbirth;
  10. protecting animals infected with plague or other maladies;
  11. protecting fields infested by harmful insects;
  12. protecting or otherwise counter the effects of poison;
  13. protecting those persons who are tempted, deluded or tormented by evil spirits.

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