silver, gold and pearls are some of the most common design colors that are used.
you can have simple tiny chain pearls or big pearls with bold chains that make a statement either way.

Also, use silver with that one pearl to accent the look and bring warmth to the piece. I say "I'm giving it life" lol.

freshwater pearls and textured link silver plated chain with heart toggle clasp sparrow and dragon fly medallion

This bracelet  I created yesterday , has no tags nor caption on Instagram and has had very positive response.  It sold today.

sometimes I feel I keep creating the same designs because when I use the pearls and chains, seems like is the same old same old.


barroque pearls mix of metals charms and crystal bracelet one of a kind handmade

but wow what a difference it makes to use different texture chains, and play with pieces just to see what I can create, and mixing it all just works for me.

That is why I am so convinced that these are the go-to pieces to own.

check out this special category of metals and pearls on my site that may work for an everyday look.

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