New Collection Inspiration

New Collection Inspiration

I designed a couple of weeks back a bracelet for my aunt who is a singer.  When i made it i visioned her holding the microphone and having this raindrops of pearls draping from her wrist as she is holding and mic and singing to the audience. Lights, sparkly dress and fans just mesmerized by not only her voice but her presence!

I know not all of us are singers but we all felt like rock stars one time in our lives.
This new collection of fringe "rock star" jewelry I create for those of us that like to feel spectacular , the mom that is the rock star of her home,  the teacher that is the rock star of her class or even school.  Just a little fun fringe on some of these cool new creations will bring that spark of awesomeness that we all are, to our day!  



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love!!! so pretty


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