Make an Easter Egg Center Piece

What you need!
A big @ss Easter egg
Glue gun
White paint (optional)
Lots of patience!

I purchased the large egg at a local dollar store.
the rope I had from my local hardware but I'm sure you can find them in any of your local hardware store.  You will also need duct tape, a glue gun  plus glue sticks ( lots of them).   You may want to do the two tone like I did so you need a spray can of any color of your choice, Walmart has some spray cans for under a dollar.  I chose a white spray can I found in the garage. I am sure this will look really nice in other colors!!  


Start wrapping the duct tape around the egg, one to secure the joint  and two  so the hot glue attaches because sometimes hot glue does not adhere to plastic. 

I started gluing at the center of the egg so I could accomplish a uniform pattern. So you may want to drop a drop of glue and start around the joint of the egg so you can have uniform lines.   Do the desire width you want in the middle. 




lets move to the top.

you need to make a knot at the end of the rope so you can get it started. Drop a small drop of glue on it and start wrapping the rope around so you have like a cap.


This will help you adhere easier to the top of the egg. Glue it to the top, than start wrapping the rope to your desired width. 


This is how it looks once I did the top and middle.


than make the bottom of the egg  with your hot glue also at your desired width.


 I than painted the 3 sections outdoors with my paint and let it dry. Luckily it was a windy day so it did not take much time to dry.


Now, once it is dried,  bring it back in to start filling in the empty sections. Just grab your glue gun and start gluing away your rope.

finally you place it with any other decor you may have for Easter,  I had the bunny and some log slices I use for my jewelry displays.  and that is it!  

If you do not like the fly away threads of the rope, you can grab a lighter and carefully burn away the threads.  I left them , I like the rustic look.

This may take around 40 min.  not counting the time the paint took to dry.. but it is very satisfying to see a pretty centerpiece you created for a fraction of the cost that it would cost to purchase a big egg already made!   

enjoy and thanks for visiting this blog! 

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